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At element8, we are revolutionizing the internet experience. Our commitment is to deliver best-in-class high-speed internet services for homes and businesses throughout the heartland.

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Internet optimized for you


We will never cap your connection or charge you hidden usage fees.


We don't edit the internet, or change what you can or can't view on the network.


We don't track your activities or monitor any websites that you visit.

Our Services

Reliable High-Speed Internet Services

e8 offers robust high-speed Wi-Fi options for home and business.

Other providers don't optimize their service for your needs. We are changing that; our high-speed internet services go beyond broadband. For home, we offer the convenience of a smart home configuration with your installation.

For business, we offer you the support you need to accomplish your business objectives. Each offering is tailored based on the usage of the devices in your home. We have custom-designed every package to fit your needs.

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E8 connects

Intelligent Bandwidth

E8 Produces Results

Bring your tech to life

We bring life to your technology with our intelligent bandwidth and high-speed internet provider offerings. Unlike legacy carriers, who offer outdated products and slow internet speeds, we offer the latest in high-speed internet technology, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a connected life.

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We unleash the capabilities of all of your connected devices.

Friendly Support

Excellent Customer Service

Our team understands the value of quality customer service. Telecom has ranked high among the worst customer service companies in the world. Our internet company is here to change just that.

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We have re-designed the ISP experience

Internet as it should be


Our team is human, and we treat you with the respect that you deserve.


We do not keep logs of customer activity or do any analysis that reveals websites you visit or your activities on the web.


Broadband made intelligent through the introduction of a proprietary e8 system to enhance all services provided to you, the end-user.


All aspects of our service exceed industry standards for security to our clients. Many providers are more focused on their next appointment, not the security offered to you.


Our internet service is optimized for every connected device, including smart devices in the home.


All of your connected devices are defended through enhanced protection if enabled through your service plan selection.


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