At element8, we remain unwavering in our commitment to providing outstanding telecom services and making a significant impact in the communities we serve. This dedication has been the cornerstone of our mission from the very beginning.

We are proud to be headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and serving clients worldwide.

Element 8 is known as Oxygen (Atomic Element 8) on the periodic table.

What our clients are saying..

Our connection has been excellent since the day it was installed.

 Their customer service has been above and beyond anything we've experienced in the past with an internet provider.  The installer, George, was just awesome and went out of his way to walk me through all the steps of what he was doing during the install.  He was not rushed and took his time to answer any and all questions I had as he was completing the connection.

Jennifer B.

I wish I had element8 sooner!

The installer was very personal and the company was as well. They answered all of our questions and more. If you have not looked into element8 yet, I highly recommend them.

R. Emery

Never would've thought a company would go out of the way like this.

The consideration and pure care from you guys is amazing! Never would've thought a company would go out of the way like this. It's a huge stress relief knowing that I will be able to keep my job! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Everyone from element8 has such pure hearts and I can't thank you enough!

Misty B.

I appreciate element8 for being proactive and keeping me connected.

I told a neighbor recently the one thing I can tell you about element8 is that if I call when I have an issue, they always call to follow up on me and my connection. We had very harsh weather come through and I never lost connection. I appreciate element8 for being proactive and keeping me connected.

Rita W.
Way beyond broadband..

We make a difference in every community we serve, not only by bringing unparalleled connectivity to the community but by breaking barriers. We are so adamant that we founded an entirely separate 501(c)3 non-profit named Rising Tide Initiative to serve these communities without restriction.

Our social initiative helps small business owners grow their businesses.

It's not a photo opportunity; it's just how we do business. The business is for the betterment of everyone involved.

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Our Commitment

"As a team, we strive to go beyond just upholding our values. Our goal is to provide unparalleled value throughout our entire business. We strongly believe that connecting to the internet's global infrastructure has the potential to spark positive change in the communities we serve."

Kevin Grace
CEO, President

Beyond Broadband

Our team of seasoned leaders brings decades of experience in scaling and expanding businesses, with diverse areas of expertise ranging from high-speed connectivity and emergency telecom planning on a global scale to rapid network deployment and defense, IoT architecture and design, DFARS compliance, joint venture development with DIA, executive protection, and military and civilian law enforcement. Our exceptional team and partnerships have been instrumental in our success.

We are committed to establishing the most outstanding work environment in our industry. Our fundamental principles revolve around leadership, engagement, and fun, and we take pride in being a values-based organization.

Recent Team Awards

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Top 40 Under 40
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Our Mission

To connect people with the information of the world, with ease. Through a revolutionary experience, we promote poverty reduction, learning, remote work, communication, entertainment, and access to all services for daily life in the digital age. 

Our Vision

A thriving, innovative telecom company that re-defines industry norms to provide a new and radical experience.

Through investment in people, leading technology, and innovation, we will secure our place in people's homes for decades to come. Keeping these priorities in proper order will ensure a timeless strategy for our growth and families. 

These core priorities enable our team and clients to enjoy a fun, engaging, and sustainable culture to grow an impactful company. The impact extends beyond our team and clients - but also to the communities we serve. 

The element8 Experience 

Traditionally, Internet Service Providers sustain their business model based on overselling service to the end-user. That's why often you don't get what you pay for from your provider.

In a nutshell, other providers count on you not using the services that you purchase! If you do, you might find that your streaming video services buffer or an excruciating hold time while you wait to resolve an issue.

We have re-imagined the traditional Internet Service Provider to create a provider that we want to use ourselves. That means honesty and transparency in all aspects of the business, including pricing and speeds. But, even more, it means an organization dedicated to providing superior service in all areas.

Why are we different?


We are an Internet Experience Service Provider (IeSP) focused on providing an unparalleled customer experience and access to reliable, fast, and private internet.

A basic Internet Service Provider is a company that provides individuals, and other companies access to the internet.

We have reimagined what it means to be an Internet Service Provider. Element 8 is an IeSP that uses various technologies to provide internet to the end-user and a proprietary ecosystem of services and protection designed with you in mind. Don't just take our word for it: get in touch.

We Secure Your Private Information, and Don't Share

Element 8 has a broad depth of experience related to Cyber Security and privacy. Our team leadership previously or currently holds senior-level positions in the armed forces. We understand how mission-critical data is to our communications. And, we strive to create a new level of quality to protect your private communications.

Our team has participated and lead emergency telecom planning globally, DFARS compliance, securing sensitive data, DIA joint ventures, executive protection, and military and civilian law enforcement. Through our collective experience, we've adopted the same level of enthusiasm in protecting your private information. Our security protocols far exceed that of many other service providers.

We will never share or sell your information.